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Commercial photographer in Denmark.
Specializing in catalogue photography, pack-shots, digital manipulation, QuickTime panoramas

Randers Regnskov a Tropical Rainforest is one of the largest tourist attractions in Denmark. Hans Nyberg has for several years delivered images for advertising, brochures, posters and PR-images

gallery 1 examples of creative image manipulation
gallery 2
before and after computer manipulation
gallery 3 commercial images packshots catalogue photograpy etc.
gallery 4
panoramas Quicktime VR and JAVA panoramas
gallery 5
Oldies 35 years as commercial photographer

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Gibo Plast
Randers Regnskov
Djurs Sommerland
Pindstrup Mosebrug
Garder A/S
med flere

Hans Nyberg is also Specializing in 360 degree panoramic photograpy Go to QTVR .dk for examples and links to Panorama Websites produced by Hans Nyberg
VR Århus

Hans Nyberg Fotografi · Hasselvej 6 · 8550 Ryomgaard · tlf. 86 39 42 32 · email:
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